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Six Civil Designers Walk into a PE Exam…And Pass!

By: Emma Davis, Marketing Intern


Work, Study, Sleep. Repeat. This is what a group of our civil designers took on in preparation for their Professional Engineering exams. Recently, Paul Benton, Barrett Blackburn, Kate Goodman, Dan Melvin, Aly Moniaci, and Gurveer Uppal from our Charlotte office took the dreaded eight hour exam. Ultimately, their hard work paid off as they successfully passed their exams, making them eligible for the designation of Professional Engineer in the State of North Carolina following four years of experience. While the process may have been rigorous and challenging, passing the PE exam ultimately furthers each designer’s professional career, providing the authority to advocate at the highest level for the design of infrastructure and environmental factors. Congratulations to all of you! Read below to learn more about these talented individuals.


Paul Benton graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree. He began his career working at LandDesign, and has been with us for three years. Paul has been involved in a variety of projects addressing multimodal needs in dense urban environments. His passion for non-motorized and active transportation transfers to his personal life, as a daily bike commuter, a co-chair on the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals, North Carolina chapter, and a vice chair on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Bicycle Advisory Committee. Obtaining professional licensure has been a personal and professional goal of his for years now. With the exam under his belt, Paul can further his career designing urban infrastructure and promoting active transportation methods.


Barrett Blackburn has worked in the Civil Engineering industry for nearly six years. Of that time, he has been with LandDesign for almost four of them, working to ensure proper infrastructure and environmental conditions for projects while designing spaces that matter. Barrett graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In his free time, Barrett enjoys the outdoors with a variety of activities including fishing, golfing, hiking, and camping.


Kate Goodman attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture, and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. Kate has worked as a Civil Engineer for five years, working with LandDesign for two of them. Having these years of experience, Kate has officially earned the title of Professional Engineer. Kate says, “It is a great accomplishment and honor to be recognized by the state and country as a registered engineer to design infrastructure for my community.” But for her, passing the Professional Engineer exam meant much more than recognition. With relatives in the industry, Kate says, “I am proud to carry on the legacy of engineers in my family.”


Dan Melvin has been with LandDesign for two and a half years, working as a Civil Designer. He has been involved with site design and coordination of land development projects, including urban mixed-use, multifamily, single family subdivision, and commercial developments. Dan graduated from Florida State University with his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree. Music is a big part of Dan’s life. He enjoys playing the guitar and discovering new artists. In addition, he enjoys spending time outdoors, especially running around Freedom Park and snowboarding on Sugar Mountain.


Aly Moniaci has been a Civil Designer for LandDesign for just over a year. She attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree. With three and a half years of experience in the industry, passing the PE exam was always a goal of hers. “It means that I can continue to excel in the career I enjoy doing every day, and continue to learn and take part in exciting and innovative projects.” Aly enjoys running and exploring. One of her favorite pastimes is two-stepping to Texas country music.


Gurveer Uppal graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering degree. He has been working in the field for almost four years, and has been with LandDesign for nearly two of them. Gurveer works on all stages of project design while utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D and other software to plan and design for the sites’ development. When he is not designing, Gurveer likes to travel and stay active. He also enjoys going to football games and tailgating.


We congratulate all these talented individuals for their hard work and achievements! We look forward to their continued success, ensuring that LandDesign creates places that matter for years to come.