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People Matter: Sean Haviland

Sean Haviland is a Designer in our… satellite office in New York! Sean kicked off her LandDesign career in our Washington DC office, but soon found herself working remotely in the Big Apple. Let’s just say she really has this “one firm, long hallways” thing down!

Sean’s passion for animated, illustrative renderings can only be matched by her love for the Clemson Tigers. Keep reading to get to know LandDesigner Sean Haviland.

Q: Why landscape architecture?

A: My 5th grade boyfriend’s dad was a landscape architect, so I followed him around on shadow day in elementary school and it just kind of stuck!

Q: Your biggest mentor at LandDesign?

A: I have so many – no way I could choose just one.

Q: What drives you to create places that matter? 

A: Good ole appreciation for outdoor space and how it clears the mind.

Q: Favorite LandDesign project you’ve worked on and why? 

A: Greensboro Pop Up Park – It was a simple, low budget interim park that really drew crowds. Proof that people love their outdoor space – no matter what shape or form it comes in.

Q: Best piece of advice you’ve received? 

A: “Ask for forgiveness, not for permission” – My mom.

Q: Favorite thing about living in New York? 

A: Spontaneous Broadway shows.

Q: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

A: 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 CLEMSON TIGERS!

Q: Best fast food french fry? 

A: (Ignoring the french fry lol) I have gone an hour out of my way to get to a Chick-fil-a. I’m obsessed. And in case anyone is wondering, I have perfected the order to get a taste of everything..

Chicken Sandwich (entrée not the meal) with an 8 pack Nugget Kid’s Meal that comes with fries, a drink (lemonade, duh!) and then you trade in the toy for an ice cream. Boom.

Q: You just became a member of the Spice Girls, what is your Spice name? 

A: Girl who’s spicy, but really, really can’t sing

Q: What’s the last thing you made? 

A: A cocktail.