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People Matter: Paula Narvaez

Paula Narvaez is a Landscape Designer in LandDesign’s San Francisco office. When Paula isn’t getting hands-on in the design process, she’s exploring the streets of San Fran or binge watching the new season of Broad City. She may have some serious passion for urban design, but her obsession for Disney takes the cake!

Q: Why Landscape Architecture? 

A: With a multi-disciplinary background, I was interested in using my design and technical skills to creatively think through synergizing different mediums and to inspire design decisions within a collaborative setting. I’ve developed a deep interest for cityscapes and urban design wanting to grasp the overall “picture” while wanting to enhance social interactions. My curiosity for understanding the urban fabric has lead me to seek solutions of how users experience both the natural and built environment.

Q: Favorite part about your job?

A: Working on a day-to-day basis with the most creative and inspiring trio here at the SF office!

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with, that you haven’t with already? 

A: Top Three:

    1. Herbert Ryman, a true visionary for his work of illustrating what many know as “The Happiest Place on Earth.
    2. Tinker Hatfield, an innovator who revolutionized footwear to go beyond just practicality.
    3. Farshid Moussavi, female industry trailblazer, spreading theory of melding both practice and technicality through form and function.

Q: Favorite LandDesign project? 

A: Town Center Corte Madera – a bit biased but it was pretty extraordinary to see the South Entry go from CDs [construction documents]  into completion. I’ll never forget planting day where K.C. [Farrell] and I went on site to oversee the layout of the planting scheme. We were going back and forth getting our hands dirty to make sure everything was perfect.

Q: What LandDesign value resonates with you the most? 

A: I would say it’s a combination of both passion and culture. In our social climate, it is hard to deny the need for understanding of a variety of cultures outside of our origins. Passion is the fuel that serves our curiosity to move forward. Without passion, it is hard to give our time and dedication to a cause. These values help to create a world around us that connects and unifies people.

Q: Favorite thing about San Francisco?

A: The urban fabric of the city! The way the streets frame certain views—in each corridor you’ll see something absolutely impressive. Walking down Post Street, you can see the Salesforce Tower—being the tallest building in SF, you can only see the top half of the structure as the hills of SF obstruct the bottom half—the elevation changes are so radical! This city has so much charm, from the Victorian homes, to old working trolley cars—it’s something to experience that you will get nowhere else (well, perhaps Lisbon, but it is still very unique)!

Q: If you had a pet duck, what would you name it? 

A: Ducky. That’s a no brainer.

Q: What are you binge watching on Netflix right now?

A: Terrace House: Opening New Doors –  I’m a sucker for this series. This Japanese show will give you a different perspective on reality TV outside the U.S! And, Broad City – I’ve seen the show so many times, I can recite most episodes word for word.

Q: If you were a holiday, what holiday would you be?

A: A perfect mixture between Halloween and Christmas. I love both holidays – the excitement, the décor, the changing of seasons, pumpkin spice everything followed up with peppermint everything?! In fact, I begin decorating for Halloween in September and Christmas decorations go up on October 31st while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Q: Fill in the blank, “This ______ Matters.” 

A: Day.