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People Matter: Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor, you may refer to him as Marky Mark, is a civil designer in our Charlotte office. After dabbling in the architecture realm, he decided things were more interesting underground and found his passion for engineering. As a member of our funky bunch, Mark is always there to organize a Leadership Matters event, lend a hand or tell the occasional “dad” joke. 

Keep reading to get to know LandDesigner, Mark Taylor.

Q: What civil engineering?

I decided to be a civil engineer when I began drawing house floor plans and golf courses. Originally, I was interested in a career as an architect, but enjoyed the math side of things. So, I decided to go the engineering route.

Q: Favorite trend that’s happening in your industry?

I appreciate the latest effort and enforcement of erosion control measures and have recently gotten into erosion control design. Without proper design and installation, our waterways will get polluted and I enjoy taking the time to work through the sequencing process of a project to ensure the highest quality design.

Q: Favorite LandDesign project?

My favorite project so far has been Converse Mill in Spartanburg County, SC. It’s located in my home state and near my alma mater (Clemson University), but it’s the history of the site that I love. It’s an old mill getting repurposed into apartments — the project has turned into my baby.

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with, that you haven’t with already?

Sean Kaufman, he’s my work husband…

Q: What’s something you learned from working in LandDesign’s Orlando and Charlotte offices?

Having worked in Orlando for four months was a great experience; they’re a tight-knit bunch down there! I didn’t know what to expect, but the culture and vibe is like it is in Charlotte.

Q: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Smack That by Akon. Good luck at getting me up on stage though.

Q: If you had a pet duck what would you name it?

Dabo the Duck.

Q: What’s the best part of your day?

Going to hang out with our awesome MARKeting team!

Q: What are you binging on Netflix?

Suits! It’s about the only thing I watch on TV these days. The ninth and final season is on now, but I’ve also seen about every episode three times. I can quote many lines, and would win trivia on the show.

Q: You just became a member of the Spice Girls. What is your Spice name?

Funky Spice! Obviously because of Marky Mark and that bunch of his…