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People Matter: Amanda Cole

Amanda Cole fell into the AEC industry and never looked back! As our Business Development whiz for DC, she is the friendly face you see at every networking event around town (how she has time, we have no idea). Her passion for our projects, process and people can only be compared to her love of traveling—she’s been to 27 countries! Are we jealous, a bit.

So without further ado, get to know LandDesigner, Amanda Cole!

Q: Why did you decide to pursue a career in the AEC Industry?

The answer you’ll hear from a lot of AEC Marketers is that they fell into it, just like I did.

I’m from Central Florida and thought I’d pursue a career in hospitality after graduation. When that didn’t work out, I interviewed for a marketing position at a construction company. At the time, I didn’t know what that meant or that this whole industry existed (I really had given it no thought). When I told my Dad I was torn he said to me: “people always need to build roads.” I took a chance and accepted the position at what I would later discover to be one of the top construction companies in the country. I fell in love with the industry and its people, taking every opportunity I could to learn about it.

Q: What would you want someone to know about marketing in the AEC Industry?

I’d tell students studying marketing that this industry is a wonderful place to build a career! Many students (myself included) don’t know that AEC is an option after graduation, no one ever talks about it and it’s a great disservice to the entire industry. There is no shortage of opportunities for marketing professionals to grow and build their dream job. This industry is interesting and there is rarely a dull moment, almost no two days are alike – from exploring constructions sites and learning about mission critical facilities, watching designers draw concepts for the future of destinations around the country, to celebrating proposal victories that helped land your firm the project you all had been working towards.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

Building relationships is the best part of my job! I genuinely enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories and learning about their passions. I have had the opportunity to meet some inspiring and amazing people during my time in the industry.

Q: What is your favorite LandDesign project?


Q: What is your favorite trend that’s happening in the industry?

I’m fascinated how PropTech and other technologies will transform this industry. I recently had the opportunity to meet the co-founder of Fundrise, a company challenging the traditional model of real estate investing and opening the opportunity to everyday consumers. I’m curious what technologies will be discovered that will help our landscape architects and civil engineers bring more value to our clients and communities. The future is pretty cool!

Q: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

The Lizzie McGuire Theme Song

Q: Favorite place you’ve traveled and why?

The first thing you’ll learn upon meeting me is that…I love to travel – I enjoy trading travel stories and am constantly planning out my next trip. It’s hard to pick a favorite so I’ll give you my top three:

  • Florence, Italy – for its charm, wine + food
  • Prague, Czech Republic – for its gothic architecture
  • St. Petersburg, Russia – for its ornate cathedrals, palaces + Ponchiki (Russian Donuts)

Q: If you were a groupie what band would you follow?

As an avid concert goer, I’d love to go back in time and follow the Beatles around! Did you know their first concert in the United States was in DC?

Q: If you had one extra hour of free time a day, how would you use it?

I would use it to read or listen to a podcast, taking the extra time to learn something new! 

Q: Where’s your favorite place to eat in DC?

The second thing you’ll learn upon meeting me is that…I’m a total foodie. I will forever recommend Le Diplomate for its food and ambiance; it is truly a little taste of Paris (another favorite travel destination) in DC. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, you can find me with my favorite cup of coffee and a pastry at Northside Social across the river in Arlington, VA.