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People Matter: Alexis Rosamilia

Alexis Rosamilia is our HR rep with Long Island flare and a passion for all things yoga! Alexis may not get into the weeds of a design, but she sure knows how to keep LandDesign focused on health and wellness with Massage Day and, our personal favorite, Walking Wednesdays. From recruiting, to organizing our internship program, Alexis is a jack of all trades. Just ask our interns, they love her.

Keep reading to get to know LandDesigner, Alexis Rosamilia.

Q: Why HR?

To be honest, it was just something I fell into during my “let me explore what I want to do” phase. I took an HR internship with a plastic surgical group after graduating with my Master’s degree because I thought HR was worth exploring. That internship turned into my first full-time job post-graduation and I’ve continued on that path ever since. I like having the ability + opportunity to work on a little bit of everything (recruitment, benefits, wellness, etc.).  

Q: Favorite part about your job?

Getting on college campuses and chatting with students about potential employment and/or internship opportunities. I enjoy sharing information about LandDesign and what makes us so great! It is also refreshing to learn about students’ stories, especially the ones that brought them into the discipline.

Q: Favorite LandDesign project?

Waverly in South Charlotte — The project is about one mile away from where I live and it has been fun to see it come together over the years. I frequently find myself in Waverly to dine, shop, and on one occasion, hang out on the Whole Foods deck with an ice cream sandwich, people watching.

Q: Your biggest mentor at LandDesign?

Heba Root has been my biggest mentor and supporter which I am extremely grateful for during my time with LandDesign!

Q: Best piece of advice you’ve received? 

It’s not advice, it’s a mantra. Life is easy and time is abundant. & REPEAT

Q: If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

  1. Stars in the City — Old Dominion. Because it describes my outlook on life.
  2. Gold in the Summertime — Matt Nathanson. Because it makes me feel happy.

Q: What’s a secret passion you have?

My not-so-secret passion is practicing and teaching yoga. I’m also super passionate about learning about meditation practices and best ways to support my wellness goals through nutrition, exercise and essential oils.

Now for the secret ones… on the down low, I’m semi-passionate about playing Pokémon Go with my fiancé — it’s a fun, free activity to do while visiting parks and/or greenways. Eventually, I want to co-author a book with my fiancé – he has some amazing story ideas (weird stuff that would probably intrigue a lot of people). He has the ideas and I have the organization and writing skills to make it come to life… one day.

Q: What are you binging on Netflix right now?

Well I BINGED Dead to Me and Santa Clarita Diet. I recommend both shows if you’re looking for something fun, intriguing and entertaining.

Q: Can you fold a fitted sheet?

Absolutely not, but I’m a self-proclaimed parallel parking professional — no spot (fine, almost no spot) is too small for me to whip my SUV into.

Q: You just became a member of the Spice Girls. What is your Spice name?

I would say Ginger Spice but she already exists. Zen Spice seems pretty fitting (most days).