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More Than Just a 9 to 5

By: Andrew Breit, Civil Engineer Design Intern

Thursday night. To some it may mean one more day until relaxation begins or to some – even reliving their college years with “Thirsty Thursday.” But to those at LandDesign who are part of the team, Trivia Matters, it means trivia night at The Local.


Within my first week of working for LandDesign, I kept hearing the buzz about Trivia Thursdays and that I should definitely attend. Starting in a new city and not knowing anyone, I thought I might as well see what it was all about. After work, everyone meets up in the lobby and makes the hop, skip and a jump to The Local (crossing our fingers that it doesn’t rain the whole walk). Once we get there, it is usually a mad dash to secure one of the larger tables, due to the fact that we usually bring enough participants to make a small village. As soon as we nail down prime real estate, we order drinks and appetizers and the games begin.


There are four rounds of trivia with random themes for each round, such as things that start with M, Famous Movies and the dreaded Family Feud round that causes some heated debates. While we wait for our scores in between rounds, we converse about family back home, life stories and even unusual facts about someone like not being able to burp or an odd obsession with croissanwiches. Once the scores are all tallied up, we cross our fingers to see if we make the final Jeopardy round. If we do, we pick someone that has the best luck at answering a nearly impossible question like “What is the 4th largest city in North Dakota?” I’ll let you in on a little secret, the strategy is usually bet nothing and hope other people bet more and get it wrong. If we are lucky enough to be at the top of the scoresheet, we win the beloved grand prize of a discount on our bill for next week. While we can’t say we’re reigning champs on a weekly basis, it is something I look forward to every Thursday.


I had no idea the sense of family and community everyone shares at LandDesign, both in and out of the office. There has never been a moment I have felt overwhelmed or alone. To me, Trivia Night wasn’t about knowing “who and what order the top 15 active passing yard leaders are in the NFL,” but it was about spending time getting to know people I enjoy being around and cultivating friendships that will extend past this internship. This was especially meaningful for me when I had a family emergency this summer. I am so appreciative of how understanding LandDesign was in a difficult time for my family and I. So I have to say thank you, LandDesign, for making me feel right at home in Charlotte this summer and providing me the opportunity to drop some knowledge every Thursday.