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Design Details: It’s the Little Things That Matter

If you didn’t already know, LandDesign doesn’t just create beautiful places—we create places that matter. We consider the environment of each place we design and the people who will use it to help us identify the unique qualities that tell that project’s story. Then, we translate these ideas into smaller design details that ultimately impact how people experience each moment in that space.

We dig deep into the details, but are never lost in the weeds.

That means that we are never bogged down by the challenges that come with realizing a great design; in fact, we see challenges as opportunities to introduce innovative solutions. Our ability to connect the dots between design and implementation strongly relates to the collaborative nature of LandDesign—urban planners, landscape architects and civil engineers designing together. If you look closely at each of our projects, you can see how our designers work together to dig deep into the details and capitalize on the opportunities that make a place matter.

Discovery at the Realm

Discovery at the Realm is a perfect example of how we focus on the details to create opportunities that really make each project unique. The Discovery at the Realm design is centered around a manmade lake that functions as part of the site’s stormwater management system and serves as an amenity feature for the community. We faced two big challenges in designing the lake—the varied topography of the site and the unstable clay soils. We capitalized on this challenge and took the opportunity to introduce a waterfall as a central design feature to enhance the aesthetic and audible experience within the community. Head over to our Instagram to find out what details contributed to the implementation of the waterfall at Discovery at the Realm.


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